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Frequently Asked Questions

Can concrete with a poor finish be be done with ExperSeal™’s process?

Yes, depending on how poor the finish is, it might be easily disguised, or it may require surface grinding for the desired finish.

What has to be done with oil, grease, or tire marks on ExperSeal™’s process?

The stain helps to seal your concrete so these types of stains are much easier to remove using household degreasers and water. An optional final clear sealant coat may also be applied for extra protection.

How many different colors can be applied to the same surface?

There is no limit. It’s up to your imagination and taste.

What is concrete engraving?

The concrete engraving system consists of several combined processes that remodel concrete in order to produce a rejuvenated, beautiful appearance. A penetrating acrylic or chemical stain is used to transform the color and then a permanent, precise, deep pattern is engraved (cut) INTO the hard concrete surface with a patented diamond blade engraving machine. This system process is complete by application of a clear top coat to seal the surface area.

How long will an ExperSeal™ job usually last?

With periodic maintenance, the surface will look substantially the same years after installation. We recommend new clear seal (and any touch-ups) at 3 years for driveways and about 3 1/2 to 4 years for pool decks and lanais.
ExperSeal™ engraved patterns like bricks will never come loose. How can they? The pattern is cut into the ordinary concrete. The pattern will last as long as the concrete because it is IN the concrete.

How thick is it?

There is no thickness added at all. ExperSeal™ process goes into the concrete for a beautiful look that lasts.

What will an ExperSeal™ job look like in several years?

With periodic maintenance, the surface will look substantially the same years after installation. 
We recommend new clear seal (and any touch-ups) at 3 years for driveways and about 3 1/2 to 4 years for pool decks and lanais.

How long does it take to complete the ExperSeal™ process?

Most projects either pool decks or driveways take between 3-4 days from start to end.
The concrete transformation process will take several days to complete depending upon the size of the job and weather conditions. Cleaning and preparing the surface is key to the longevity of the finishes. The areas must be kept clean and uncontaminated as they dry. The stain and finish applications must also be protected from contamination and surface contact during the curing process. The concrete substrate should be isolated (roped off) during each operation to ensure proper adhesion of coatings. The areas must be avoided during the processes and should not be used until the coatings are completely cured. Reuse availability times will be dictated by specific weather conditions. Normally a 48 hour waiting period is required after the final finish is applied for pool decks and lanais and 72 hours for driveways.

Does any concrete need to be poured or replaced?

Most of the time no. If there is severe cracking or if the concrete is falling apart in any way then replacement would be highly recommended.

What has to be done with cracks?

Cracks, if they are not too large, can be easily disguised with little or no repair. For the most part, when the stain is applied and the faux finish is complete, most minor cracks are not noticeable. Extensive concrete damage may have to be properly repaired before coloring and sealing.

What does the stain do?

The stain permanently penetrates the concrete and acts as a sealant that helps the surface last longer. Some stains react with the concrete to give various natural stone tones.

How deep are the cuts?

The cuts are approximately 1/16″ to 1/8″ deep. Enough to simulate a nice uniform mortar joint or grout line, to give the full effect of the desired look.

How does the concrete need to be prepared?

The concrete is first washed with a high pressure powerwasher, then is etched with an acid wash, and finally powerwashed again.

What kind of maintenance does a completed ExperSeal™ job require?

A completed Experseal™ job is very low maintenance, basically all you need to do is wash it down with your garden hose periodically to keep it clean and free of abrasives. Once every three years it is recommended to power wash and re seal with the clear seal. This can be done by ExperSeal™.

How many colors are there?

There are well over 100 colors to choose from. Just about any color that you would want is available or can be mixed.

Will the colors fade with time?

Sometimes colors may get a little darker with time, but overall there will be very little change. Just remember to clean your surface periodically.

What Kind of Guarantee is there on ExperSeal™ Work?

The color and clear seal is guaranteed by a three year “No Problem Guarantee”.

How does weather affect this kind of work?

The concrete temperature needs to be between 40 and 100 degrees for the staining. The concrete needs to be fairly dry for cutting and/or coloring.

What happens if the concrete gets chipped or gouged past the stain?

Chips and gouges are easily repaired and touched up with stain. We leave some touchup stain with you at the end of the job to take care of accidents.

Can concrete that has glued down carpet or paint on it be engraved or stained using the ExperSeal™ process?

Yes, but the cost will be greater due to the extra labor in removing the current flooring. You would need to contact a carpet or flooring professional first to have the glue removed before our process would be able to be done. Alternatively, you could have a contractor add new SprayCrete on your surface and then we could do the ExperSeal™ process to your surface. We can direct you to SprayCrete contractors if you wish.

How much does it cost?

Most pool decks and lanais run between $3.00/sf to $4.50/sf, and most driveway and sidewalks run between $2.75/sf to $3.95/sf. We would be happy to give you an estimate on your project.
ExperSeal™ finishing jobs cost is dependent upon concrete condition, total surface area, work area access, pattern style and finish designations. ExperSeal™ will be glad to review your project and quote you a specific contract price.

What happens if part of an engraving has to be replaced due to concrete removal? Can the colors and the pattern be matched?

Yes, patterns can be matched and colors can also be tinted to match very well.

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