ExperSeal specializes in concrete resurfacing for pool decks, lanais, driveways, sidewalks, and pavers.  We have developed a unique process which solves the three most common problems with concrete surfaces, especially spraycrete, today.

We beautify your existing concrete and make it virtually maintenance free.  We solve three common problems—one color, too light and little pits and voids which trap the dirt.

We have an exclusive faux finishing process that has proven the most effective surface ever available to consumers. Get rid of your bleach and power washer, the ExperSeal solution keeps your lanai beautiful with minimal effort.

Our exclusive multi-color faux finishing process tricks the eye to make your lanai/pool deck stay cleaner looking longer. The diamond hard seal protects the color and fills the pits and voids in the surface so dirt won’t get trapped. After application of our unique design solution, you have a new virtually maintenance free surface – guaranteed!

Our experienced professionals will ensure your complete satisfaction and show you in person why ExperSeal is the ultimate solution to beautify your lanai/pool deck. You get a one-of a kind look at an excellent price. You pick the colors for a beautiful coordinated look for your lanai/pool deck that adds class and value to your home. We offer many options to further customize the look of your lanai/pool deck such as a custom border, custom color combinations, and consultation with a designer, color consultant. The ExperSeal solution is the most cost effective solution to beautify your Lanai/pool deck.

Ask your design consultant or installer about options or to test your surface. If you have doubts, send us pictures of your existing surfaces so that we can do a preliminary evaluation. Email:

Now that you've entrusted us to enhance the beauty of your home, sit back and enjoy the Florida lifestyle in your new, beautiful and easy to clean living space!

Why is your Lanai/Pool Deck Surface Hard to Keep Clean?

  • More than 90% of Lanai and Pool Deck surfaces are textured concrete outside where dirt is
  • One color can’t hide dirt
  • Pits and voids in the surface that trap the dirt
  • Textured surface that attracts dirt


How do you Clean a Textured, one color Surface?

  • Sweep it clean often
  • Bleach it
  • Scrub with abrasive
  • Power wash it often


Why ExperSeal is the Best Solution to Beautify your Outdoor Surface!

  • Easy to clean and maintain – Innovative & virtually maintenance free, you enjoy your lanai or pool deck without worrying about cleaning it often. Simply sweep or hose off any dirt.
  • Trained and experienced artisans who communicate continually with you to provide a custom solution designed to fit you and your needs.
  • Customer service continues after the sale with a tip sheet and assistance to help keep your surface looking great with little effort.
  • Makes your outdoor surfaces an extension of your home–your style and colors now are carried out into the outdoors where you can enjoy them without worrying about the dirt.
  • Color is protected by a diamond-hard seal – Durable & elegant with custom colors, unique design that will last for years
  • Surface is skid reducing/slip resistant and sealed diamond hard seal – Protection that neither furniture nor use will fade, mar or degrade the surface
  • Virtually no thickness added to your existing surface – Long lasting beauty— No cracking, peeling or other issues associated with other less optimal solutions. No need to cut doors or lift cage.
  • Custom Design with virtually unlimited color combinations – Unique and beautiful – Custom coordinate the colors and shades of your existing home with our solution to enhance the look of your lanai/pool deck surface.


ExperSeal Service:

Includes: Design consultation, assisting with moving existing furniture, power washing, three color faux finish, skid reducing/slip resistant layer, two coats of diamond-hard sealer, and touch up kit.

Options (may incur additional charges):

  • Solid color border around pool and fountain/hot tub
  • Design Consultation with our Color Consultant(including samples)
  • Multi-color unique color combinations
  • Power washing services for your pool/lanai enclosure
  • Crack Repair (of existing surface)
  • Solid color for steps or risers off of your lanai, patio or pool deck
  • Other needs as requested
  • Referral of other companies for assistance with Spraycrete texturing or Sandblasting


Current Customers:

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